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.The Vegan Poem Page 2

Unique vegan poetry to promote the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

updated: 5/22/05

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These poem pages are a forum for artists to share their work with others.
Unless otherwise noted, the poems are copyrighted by the individual authors.
Views expressed in these poems do not necessarily reflect those of Celebrities for Health and it's founders.


Here are some additional vegan writings from some of our online friends. If you, too, would like to share your (vegan) creative abilities with us, please send them along!


Vegan path by S.P. Jones NEW

A Plea from two young farm animals by Andrew Paisey NEW

To all you Animal Loving Hypocrites by Andrew Paisey NEW

VEGAN By: Diana Azevedo NEW

Ignorance By: Diana Azevedo NEW

A Plant-Based Plea in Poetry by Butterflies NEW

Human Insanity by Butterflies NEW

The 'Responsible" Choice by Joe Hudson NEW

Death in Motion by Thomas Goss NEW

An Address To The Casual Consumer of Flesh by His Divine Grace Rev. Uncle Neil "Loveseat" Banana Head NEW

Monkey See? by Wayne K. Tolso

Food Forethought by Wayne K. Tolso

Enlightened Taste by Mario A. Pita

A poem by "Spare"

A Haiku from Roger Jeffreys

"Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat" by Chris Collins:

"Heaven's earth" by Simon Jones

"Murder" by Anonymous

"My Life" by Anonymous

"The Cow, Pig, Chicken, and Sheep" by Jennifer Britting, New Jersey-


Vegan path
S.P. Jones
London, England

The days can be long and hard for creatures on earth,
When some eating each other sometimes from birth,

Why do so many not see the thousands of plant-foods that abound,
that lay in the waters,air and in the ground,

Yet some choose the savage ways even when shown,
that plant foods are best in their abundance grown,

Nature holding us in her arms with peace in mind,
and we act with ignorance being so blind,

When given to us our fellow creatures to behold
yet mistreat them in their billions,a story of cruelty told,

The horror, the vileness of animal parts being used,
for washing, clothing, sport, experiments and food,

Awake! those that do not already see,
that animals are as much a part of us as you are to me,

and turn from that which brings wars,famine and disdain,
and listen to the vegans who tell you again,

that a real happiness should manifest from birth,
in every soul that comes through earth,

It's been written from days of old,
so let civilized evolution begin to unfold,

and grab your heart with joy that won't be believed,
none will be sad, harmed or grieved.

It's not a wayward distant dream,
it's a reality-check from a heavenly realm!


A Plea from two young farm animals
by Andrew Paisey

Dear Children,

When you next have meat for tea
Please think of Bobby and me,
We loved our green field and blue sky;
and did not choose to die

So when your family next shop,
you could all help to stop
the cruel killing of today,
by choosing to live the vegan way

You could close the factory farm
that causes us all so much harm,
and those other vile targets
the overcrowded animal markets

And what would be our finest hour ?;
closing the very last abattoir.
Its too late for poor Larry and me,
for we sadly, were in your tea.

Thank you for reading our letter,

Bobby and Larry,

Heaven's Gate.


To all you Animal Loving Hypocrites
by Andrew Paisey

Are you yet another animal loving hypocrite ?
Eating meat, drinking milk, purely out of habit,
If so, then the cap must surely fit !

Is this the kind of person you really want to be ?
Supporting so much hidden, callous cruelty,
If not; then why not set yourself free !

You could assume full control of your own mind,
Stop being so insensitively indifferent and unkind,
Stop being so conveniently blind !

You could become a more compassionate person today,
By travelling along the vegetarian > vegan way,
You can do it - do it today !

It's never too late !


By: Diana Azevedo
Vancouver, British Columbia

You're a Vegan? WHY? our bodies are made to eat meat!
Save animals? If my car hits them they shouldn't be in the street!
Eat healthy? So what? We're all gonna die one day!
Organic food? No way... burger king makes is my way!
Dairy is murder? Don't think so, cows are born and raised to milk them!
Fat and puss? It tastes good, bigger pants will always fit!
If you've ever heard yourself using one of these replies,
You're ignorant and blinded, so STOP repeating lies!
Animals deserve life and love just like you and I,
GO VEGAN! for health, for animals, for life, just please give it a try.


By: Diana Azevedo
Vancouver, British Columbia

Innocent animals' lives are taken,
while you devour your pork, ham, and bacon.
How can you justify the torture and the pain?
An animals life is taken, for fat your body will gain.
How is it fair? After all they can feel just like us.
When you drink that glass of milk are you aware it's really filled with pus?
So go ahead eat up, fill and clog your arteries.
It's not only lives your taking, it's nature's plants and trees
We're all a part of a circle equal with one another.
Next time you feel alone think of a calf taken from its mother.
But ignorance is easier than seeing what is real,
Just please think of his face when you eat your next "protein" meal.


A Plant-Based Plea in Poetry
Written by Butterflies Katz

The more compassion; the better you feel,
So why not eat vegan at every meal?

It will help you feel better, healthy and slim
This Vegan concept's not a fad or a whim.

It is the diet most suited to our race...
A way of life that brings a smile to our face,

because our conscience becomes clear. No more pain.
Of cruelty to beings, we must refrain.

Now we're enlightened. All cruelty's insane.
We are meant to protect those in our domain.

The breeding must stop. Exploiting her tit, too!
Taking the milk for her calf and giving it to you?

A woman's body as a moneymaking machine?
Well I am a woman, and that feels obscene.

Stop the breeding and feeding of cows and sows...
Look into your heart for all the `whys' and `hows'.

We'd feed the world's hungry with plentiful grains.
Like Einstein or Gandhi, we'd clear out our brains.

We'd stop cutting rainforests. Slow erosion.
Decrease cows adding their methane explosion!

A true environmentalist can't eat meat—
Changing to plant-based food is really a treat.

To the thinking mind, it just doesn't make sense...
Nourishing our selves from acts of violence.

To free ourselves to be the best we can be...
We must set the innocent animals free.

The more compassion; the better you feel,
So why not eat vegan at every meal?


Human Insanity
Written by Butterflies Katz

Sometimes, I find, my perception of humanity
Is overwhelmed by the abundance of insanity.

Man sprays the planet with toxic compounds to poison bugs and weeds-
He's ignorant of the poor judgment inherent in these deeds.

He endangers many species; renders some others extinct...
He doesn't see `The Big Picture' and that all of us are linked.

He renders the soil worthless; devoid of all fertility.
In other lands, he purchases a child, for his utility.

Man enslaves his own species and the other animals, too--
Engages in mass murder of his own, in times of old and new.

He makes the `Almighty Dollar' his God and his guiding light.
He lives without integrity; does what's easy, not what's right.

He lusts after money with a materialistic greed...
While his fellow human cries for help in impoverished need.

Man will execute the trees like they are `growing out of style'...
Never pondering the repercussions of this, all the while.

He passes through enchanted woods and leaves his rubbish behind,
And limits concern for his fellow man to one's of his own kind...

He has little tolerance for other religions or races...
He's one who believes his color's the best color for all faces.

He adorns himself with gadgets and pierces his skin for rings...
He thinks he is attractive by doing such meaningless things.

He treats the disease, but neglects the preventative measure--
With little forethought, he delves into momentary pleasure.

He settles for `mere sex' rather than the `art of Love-making'...
He is empty inside, because his passion he's forsaking.

He is a being that is cruel; that inflicts suffering and pain.
His viewing of `animals as a commodity' -- is insane!

His mind invented the telephone, the computer chip, and more,
But can't learn that `eating animals' is an action to abhor.

He fuels his body and soul with a most violent of diets--
Never thinking to correlate this with rising city riots.

He lives on top of each other; like hens in a factory farm...
And with businesses polluting air and stream, ignoring their harm!

Something he is compelled to do--is to over-populate--
Unlike animals, when resources dwindle, he will still mate!

He will step on his comrade to make himself appear supreme--
Wrapped up in himself, he cares not for the members of his team.

This “He” lives in the street bum, as well as the nation's president...
Some aspect of this man lives in every global resident.

Are we powerless to change `the lack of virtue' that eludes man?
Will we ever know that yearned for `Peace on Earth' in our life's span?

Can the soul subdue the ego; can we unmask our human lies?
Will we elevate and save our race, before humanity dies?

Will we annihilate ourselves with the weapons made by man?
Or will we turn it all around, as only us humans can?

Humanity created insanity---yet---we're able to see....
That within each of us lies the power to set sanity free.


The 'Responsible" Choice
('The Mouth of Common Madness Speaks)
by Joe Hudson
(revised version here)

‘You are what you eat, so they say.’
He said chewing his sirloin.

‘I say if it tastes good, it can’t be that bad.
Would you like a bite of this? It’s lean and tender.

And I’d rather be a bull than a carrot. Wouldn’t you?
Yes, better a bull than a carrot.

I believe it’s an important responsibility to eat a healthy diet.
You should respect your body, you only have one.

Meat is good for the heart, it gives you vigour!
Well, you know what they say about statistics. Yes, I'm
in perfectly reasonable health. I don't see the connection.

And anyway, its natural isn’t it? Don’t shy away from it;
you’re an animal too.

We just have to chop it up, cook and season it,
that’s the only difference; nothing unnatural about that.

Answer me this: can you eat grass?
Well how could you possibly survive as a herbivore then?

The cost you say? Economic? Environmental? Ah, but
the world is our oyster. We enjoy it as we please.
And what use is a resource if not spent?

I see you wish to take the moral high ground. Well think again.
We all do wrong, and you’re no different. I think you're being
willfully obtuse.

An animal bred for meat lives a care free life;
what more could it ask for?
What more could you give it?

Freedom to live naturally? What a romantic notion!
Nature is as barbarous as any slaughter house.
We simply organise the barbarity.

Life is full of pain, for animal and man.
Why shouldn’t our actions reflect and perpetuate that reality?
They wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for us.

Look, I don’t see why I need to defend myself from your ideology.
I’m quite happy to take responsibility and live with the
consequences of my actions, thank you.

And surely in any civilized society,
a person may choose what he consumes?
I wouldn’t want to be limited to ‘ethically sanctioned’ vegi-food.

We’re both responsible adults here. I resent your insinuation that
it is merely taste which dictates my dietary choices.
I care about animals too.

I love my parrot very much, but I also love a breast of chicken,
with cajun spice. Love's a funny thing I suppose. They say
you get what you give, but perhaps you just get what you take.

And when all is said and done, how could you resist that delectable
sage and onion taste of Cumberland sausage?
Or that tantalizing, salty fat flavour of smoky bacon?

Ah, but it’s that unique texture that makes your mouth water so.
There’s just something about the ‘texture’ of cooked flesh that
makes you want more. You know what I mean.

And what about vegetables, if all life has a soul, don't they feel too?
Had you thought about that? If we're all in the same boat how do
you distinguish? Pain is pain, however you feel it.

Of course I wouldn't eat a person. We're different, we feel more.
We have more developed nervous systems than animals. Really,
the fact that I need to state that, indicates you're lacking protein.

Why don't you concentrate on helping people instead of animals?
Don't they suffer enough? Oh I quite agree, a healthy diet
makes a healthy person, but I don't see the connection.

Look, I’m a busy person, and we all have a responsibility to make
the best use of our time. I can’t be faffing with beans and lentils,
I have more important things to do.

Well, sure if I had to feed, care for, kill and bleed the beast myself,
it would be less convenient. But we live in the 21st century;
someone else does that for you.

And how do you think our hunter gatherer ancestors survived
in the winter without meat? Or the Indians in the barren grasslands?
I mean, can you imagine Christmas without a roast?

If our ancestors hadn't been omnivores we'd still be living in huts.
What's that? Agriculture? I just said
we live in the 21st century didn't I?

And what about Eskimos, how would they survive?
No, I live quite comfortably in Surry thank you.

Of course, large areas of the world can't surport arible farming.
Pardon? Yes, those are good examples, like the oceans and deserts.
The human population of the pacific? Now you're being silly.

You know, I had a friend once who got very sick when she was
vegetarian. She ate only cornflakes and lettice for a month. I just
wouldn't want to take that risk.

And think of all those people who would be out of work if
no one ate meat all of a sudden? What else would they possibly do?

So you see, really it would be irresponsible to stop. Besides,
when in Rome, do as the Romans do, eh?
Now there was a civilized society.

Sure I'd kill them myself, it's just convenient not too. But it would
be a bit messy wouldn't it? And so long as it didn't scream or cry
too much. They're too much like a person when they do that.

Are you sure you won’t have some of this? It’s very tasty.’

Death in Motion
by Thomas Goss

We met there,
In a forest of others.
I closed my eyes and reached for a black stone submerged in the dark water;
Sometimes black is so delicately constructed.
But with my touch the explosion of gunfire flashed.
Then I could hear and smell more clearly the death and life of shotgunned ducks,
of the disgusting jubilance of destruction: when the hunter injects the heroin
of the not-being-prey.

let them pretend but not us:
the animal trembling is all around us,
in between the air of each shared breath

and no amount of canyon-yelling or
other-killing will quench it

the dark forest world:
the rush of birds flushed out
just before the death-dive

what is it like to be comfortable in flight
then to plunge half-dead where nothing is centered upon you
like leaping into the pavement
from 20 stories but when you hit it is nothing but ordinary;
cheers even erupt - it's a celebration

and something beautiful has died in full motion:
nothing a photograph could hope to capture
but like a bird's beating heart,
slowly arcing downward to towards death.

you are beautiful you are beautiful

that is why they kill you
isn't it?


An Address To The Casual Consumer of Flesh
by His Divine Grace Rev. Uncle Neil "Loveseat" Banana Head

It is to be expressly understood that thou art hereby implicat'd
for thy scurrilous collusion, in which thou hast participated in
a holocaust

Thou art surely deserving of thy execretion

In thy breakfast there is complicity

In thy lunch there is complicity

In thy supper there is complicity

In thy ventures to the restaurant there is complicity

In thy grocery shopping trips there is complicity

Mayest thou be struck down from thy usurp'd throne with plagues
of e-coli and salmonella

Mayest thou exist in a world of wire mesh encrusted with blood
and feces

Mayest the sinews of thy flesh be made to serve the purposes of
those who would use it to serve their own ends, flay'd and
expos'd as they see fit

Mayest thou reside in a state of perpetual moribundity

As of now, seeing as thy life has been made forefeit by virtue
of thy misdeeds, thou art mere chattel

Suffer thy progeny to the veal crates

Suffer thou to remain forevermore fetter'd, with nary enough
room to turn round

Make amends whilst thou still can. . .

In thy soft, tender, corpulent form there is an exploitable

Thy body, and the bodies of thy kin could well be made to serve
the purposes of those who would sate their desires upon thy

Thou could most certainly be made to spend the remainder of thy
days behind bars

Behind wire fences

Behind wooden slats

Behind barbed wire

Within battery cages

Within gestation stalls

Within "rape racks"

Thy corpse shall be made to fit our every purpose

Soap shall be wrought of thy flesh

Garments shall be wrought of thy flesh

Candles shall be wrought of thy flesh

Furniture shall be wrought of thy flesh

The corpses of thy kin shall be manifold, piled as high as the
heavens and lain out in lengths as long as the rivers

Make amends whilst thou still can. . .


Monkey See ?
by Wayne K. Tolson

Can you look deep into my eyes,
and tell me what do you see ?
Am I just another throw away life,
with all this hurt built up inside of me ?

Can you look deep into my fear,
and do you see my pain ?
Am I just another tortured soul,
used by this sadist for his scientific gains ?

Can you look deep into my short life,
and will I die on the first try ?
Am I just another of the " lucky " ones,
to be blinded by the suturing of my eyes ?

I do not ask to be here.
I was once alive and free.
Now just a horrific experiment,
born with no eyes for me to see.

I do not ask to stay here.
I am caged and I am maimed.
Found out there are others like me,
who will soon be forced to face the same.

I do not ask for you to think,
of whose this twisted mind.
Found out torture is allowed,
if you say it is for all mankind.

Soon the research will end,
and my freedom realized.
Finally the day I have longed for .......

The day I am euthanized.

In memory of all animals who have died in senseless experiments. May they now be at peace.

Food Forethought
by Wayne K. Tolson

Think of me tonite..
For that I give my life.
Was it for the good of all,
or was it just a waste to be carved by the butcher's knife ?

Think of me tonite..
For that which you savor.
Did it give you something real,
or could you taste the pain of my death in its flavor ?

Think of me tonite..
For the time I was here.
Did you know how short it was,
or that the days were filled with torture, anguish, and fear ?

Think of me tonite..
For that which has been said.
Was your dinner worth its price,
or was your craving to have meat really worth me dead ?


Enlightened Taste,
by Mario A. Pita

If violence were tasted when meat is eaten
—Of helpless and innocent creatures beaten—
Then many might shun the bitter flavor
And do themselves and others a favor.

If eaters of meat could taste the aches
Endured by cows for sake of steaks,
Perhaps they’d see the gross mistake:
Their lives are not ours to take.

But taste buds, like tree buds, need to open
For sensing a doomed beast’s emotions,
Of fear and anguish, a lot like ours
Whose terror and sorrow too are sour.

If taste buds could taste an animal’s pain
Then people, from eating them, might refrain.

A poem by"Spare":
Missouri, USA

[ The Lie ]

Looky Mommy, Can I pet the cow
Certainly sweetie, Isn't he sweet?
I refuse to tell my little girl
That this cow she pets is her future meat
I'll lie to her because if she knew
The fate of this poor being
She'd surely be traumatized
Because of the truth that she'd be seeing
So I'll hide from her the murder
That her friend, this cow will face
And through my deceit
She'll grow up stupid
Like most of the human race


A Haiku from Roger Jeffreys:

Cows? They don't eat us!
Humans should be more humane.
No meat makes life sweet.


A poem by Chris Collins:

Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat

What is Meat?

Is chicken meat?

Is cow meat?

Is fish meat?

Hamburgers are nice in a trash can,

Bacon is good in a drawer,

But what is good on a bun?

Do you want milk with that?

Why not save a cow or a pig and invest in a book?

Do they try to milk or eat us?

Pigs are harmless, people have them as pets,

Would you eat your own dog?

Then why eat a pig? Why eat a cow?

What did they do to you?

Some things are left better untouched.



Heaven's earth

by Simon Jones
London ,England

War,War,War no more,
that lowly flesh-eaters bring to our door,
sorry to judge in such a way,
but for the misery it brings ,what else can you say,
It's done in ignorance, little care and being misled,
mostly from a baby when first being fed,
So why not start to be tame and free,
not savage and wild as can be,
and remember that dream of peace on earth,
stemming from the hearts of every birth,
It can come true in everyway,
by letting the animals live their lives today!



by Anonymous

I see the death
I see the destruction
All created by man's personal construction

We call ourselves civilized
We call ourselves great
But really we're nothing..
Nothing but murderers and torturers

I'm looked down upon for my beliefs-
Beliefs of love
I choose tofu over meat
Cloth over leather
Compassion over murder
Life over death
Sanctity over torture

The common man spares himself this sight..
This sight of torture
They call me weird because I look past the cellophane packing
I can't help but feel for the executed one

The wealthy wear fur
But inside they're poor.
Poor hearted for not caring

I see the death
I see the destruction
All created by man's personal construction


My Life

by Anonymous

As I walk down the aisles, I see the death
On the shelves I see the animals that never took another breath
Nobody cares.."Vegetables, meat, it's all the same"
This is what "civilization" has come to, what a shame
I live a meat-free life
While others chop up creatures with a knife
I'm called weird for my belief
By the same people that eat this beef
I'm looked down upon for caring
Excuse me for thinking the world is for sharing
I don't approve of silk
Nor wool, leather, or milk
This is my life


The Cow, Pig, Chicken, and Sheep

by Jennifer Britting, New Jersey-

There once lived a calf, a piglet , chick, and a lamb who lived on a farm, made by man.
Each day that went by, they ate and grew fatter. Only if they knew that someday soon they would become a platter.
Wandering freely and enjoying the view, each of the animals all relate to me and you.
The man on the farm comes down every day; and takes more and more animals away.
One day as the calf, piglet, chick, and lamb all were playing out on the land, out in the distance they saw that man.
He came down with anger in his eyes, and took those animals away with great pride.
He threw them into cages, where they'd be left to stay, until their last, dying day.
The animals scared, sat in dismay, with the smell of animals in decay.
As time goes by, the animals all act with fury, and fight and try to escape their domains.
In the dark they sit, day by day‚ until this man came and took each one away.
The cow, the pig, chicken and sheep, all shackled up in chains on their feet.
They wailed and they cried, but no one came; to save these animals in all this pain.
Each one so scared; no where to retreat, all the people want is their meat.
The man stuns the cow, pig, chicken, and sheep, which did not make these animals "sleep".
They are all fully conscious, with a quick slit of their necks, and now they all begin, to bleed, to death.
Some, boiled, or skinned alive, with no one to see‚ how terrible, this is a tragedy.
They now end up in packages all sent to your store, where you have bought meat many times before.
You eat meat, as like it never survived; that it never breathed; that it never cried.
So the next time you think about eating some "meat", remember the cow, pig, chicken, and sheep...

" An Animals life is at Steak! DONT eat meat!"



If you are already following a plant-based diet, we applaud you. If you are not, please begin making a transition to a plant-based diet. There are many resources available on the internet and perhaps in your own area. Please visit our links page to find some of these resources. For more information on the health and environmental affects of our food choices please visit our facts page and even our calcium sources page.

If you have your own vegan poetry and would like to submit it to us to post on our site, please contact us.


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