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A unique project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

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The vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, and very popular. This list is a sign of that. We found these names on the internet from a variety of sources, such as articles, biographies, and interviews (We have not verified them all), as well as in print media, TV, and radio. Please feel free to contact us for additions or corrections. Please also feel free to pass on web addresses of home pages for those listed below.


Paula Abdul Singer, actress, producer, choreographer
  Abnegation Punk rock band out of Penn., vegan
James Abourezk Former Senator of S. Dakota
John Abraham Actor
Bryan Adams Singer, musician, composer, , interview:
Carol J. Adams Feminist, author, The Sexual Politics of Meat, vegan
Mitch Adams Sctor
Scott Adams Actor, writer, producer. The Dilbert guy!
Victoria Adams Spice Girls
Keith Akers Author of various books about vegetarianism and Christianity, “A Vegetarian Sourcebook “, "God's Last Offer: Negotiating for a Sustainable Future"
Rose Alba Singer, Musician
Damon Albarn Lead singer and keyboards for blur 
Louisa May Alcott Writer, "Little Women"
Grant Aleksander Actor
Kim Alexis Actress
Rick Allen Def Leppard
Jeff Ament Pearl Jam
Vanessa Amorosi Australian singer,, Interview:
Hans Christian Andersen Writer
Dee Anderson Singer, Musician
Laurie Anderson Actress
Pamela Anderson Actress, cinematographer, producer, vegan
  André 3000 Actor, composer, voted sexiest male vegetarian, 2004
Hideaki Anno Actor, director, writer
Adam Ant Singer, Musician
Jasmine Jessica Anthony Actress
Piers Anthony Writer
Susan B. Anthony 19 century Suffragist, on the (old) $1 coin
Fiona Apple Singer, actress, composer, Vegan
Dario Argento Actor, composer, director, writer, editor, producer
Stephen Arlin Raw food vegetarian, weightlifting authority
Joan Armatrading Singer, Musician
Billie Joe Armstrong Actor, composer
Pamela Armstrong UK TV newsreader
Rebekka Armstrong Actress
Andrea Arnold Children's TV
Alison Arngrim Actress
Debbie Arnold Actress
Rosanna Arquette Actress, director, producer
John Astin Actor, director, producer
Nava Atlas Cookbook author, “Vegetarian Celebrations” “Vegetariana”, “Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons”, “Vegatarian Express”, “Great American Vegetarian”, “Pasta East to West”
Haidée Augusta Actress
  B52 Singer
Barbara Bach Actress, Spouse – Ringo Starr
Leslie Bach Actress - old Star Trek series (I think), spouse-Richard
Richard Bach Writer, spouse-Leslie
Amitabh Bachchan Actor, composer, producer
Anette Badland Actress
Erykah Badu Singer, actress, composer
Joan Baez Folk singer Source: A Teen's Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian
Alec Baldwin Actor, director, writer, producer
Dawn Balkin Actress
Ruben Bansie-Snellman Actor
Brigitte Bardot Actress
Janet Barkas Writer
Bob Barker Actor, producer, host of The Price is Right
Gary Barlow Singer, songwriter, "Take That"
Dr. Neal Barnard Writer,Psychiatrist, vegan
Angus Barnett Actor, Square Deal
Jimmy Baron Actor
Clare Barrett Obis Writer, Chef
Paul Barrett Obis Writer, Chef
Senator Andrew Bartlett Australian Democrats representative in the upper house of federal parlieament. Interview:
Kim Basinger Actress, protector of circus elephants, lab beagles, and all beings
Jules Bass producer director, author “HERB, The Vegetarian Dragon”
Shirley Bassey Singer, Musician
Alexandra Bastedo Actress
Dr. Ruth Bates Presbyterian minister
Meredith Baxtor Actress, producer
Maureen Beattie Actress
Jeff Beck Singer, Musician
Victoria Beckham Actress, composer
Alan Beckwith Actor, writer, raw food vegan.
Harriet Beecher Stowe Writer
Ed Begley, Jr Actor, vegan, Celebrities for Health Interview , Ed's World, the official website for Ed Begley Jr.
Stephanie Belding Actress, singer, songwriter, vegan
Andy Bell Actor, composer
Madge Bellamy Actress
  Beloved, The Singer, Musicians
Dirk Benedict Actor, A Team
Andre Benjamin (Dre) from the hiphop group Outkast, vegan.
Amber Benson Actress, director, writer, producer
Marissa Berenson Actress
Jan Berenstain (Bears)
Stan Berenstain (Bears)
Candace Bergen Actress, producer
Sandra Berkin Actress
Elizabeth Berkley Actress
Milton Berle Comedian
Prof. Mark Matthew Bernstein Author: “Radical Vegetarianism”, vegan and art historian
Rynn Berry Author, Famous Vegetarian, Famous Vegans and Vegetarians and their Recipes, Pious Vegetarians, historian, “Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism and the World's Religions”, “Famous Vegans and Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes”
Jessica Biel Actress
Traci Bingham Actress
Tony Blackburn Actor
Rachel Blanchard Actress
Linda Blair Actress, producer, vegan
Christopher Blake Actor
Norman Blake Teenage Fanclub
Gayle Blakeney Neighbours
Gillian Blakeney Neighbours
Peter Bogdanovich Director, vegan
Michael Bolton Singer, Musician (aka Michael Bolotin)
Surya Bonaly Actress
Lisa Bonet Actress, director. "The Cosby Show"
Blueberry Borovnisa Actress
Victoria Boutenko Author, raw food advocate, "Raw Family," "12 Steps to Raw food,"
David Bowie Singer,Actor
  BOYAA T.R.I.B.E Samoan L.A Rap Act
Billy Ray Boyd Author, "For the Vegetarian in You"
Brandon Boyd Actor, composer
Annalise Braakensiek Aussie supermodel, Interview:
Tracy Brabin Actress
Cathryn Bradshaw Actress
Brenden Brazier Professional Ironman triathlete.
Berkley Breathed Actor, director, writer. "Bloom County" cartoonist
Jim Brewer Of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Christie Brinkley Model, actress
Peter Brock Australia's most successful and famous motor racing driver. Interview:
Brandon Brooks Actor, vegan
Elkie Brooks Singer, musician
Katherine Brooks Actress, director, writer, editor, producer
Brigid Brophy Actress
Amy Brown Actress
Faith Brown Actress
Josef Brown Australian Ballet artist, member of Sydney Dance Company, Interview:
Julie Brown "Downtown", former MTV 'veejay'; actress, composer, director, writer, producer
Nicola Bryant Actress
Peter Buck REM guitarist
  Buddah Spiritual leader
Ted Bundy Serial killer. Converted to a vegetarian diet during his last years on Death Row
Robert Burns Writer
Ellen Burstyn Actress, producer
Peter Burwash Tennis champion
Kate Bush Singer and songwriter
Brett Butler Actress, writer, producer
Terry"Geezer" Butler Ozzy Osbourne Band
Tim Butler Actor
Mel C Spice Girls
Montserat Caballe Great Soprano Opera singer
Andreas Cahling Weight lifter
Paula Cale Actress
Kirk Cameron Actor
Chris Campbell Olympic Wrestler
Vivian Campbell Def Leppard
Dyan Cannon Actor
Aviva Cantor Writer
  Captain and Tennille Singer
Ben Carey Actor
Belinda Carlisle Singer, Musician
Austin Carr Sports
David Carradine Of Kung Fu
Lynda Carter Actress
Shaun Cassidy actor, writer, producer, singer
Dan Castellaneta Actor, writer. Voice of Homer Simpson
Carol Castro Actress
Iris Chacón Actress
Sarah Chalke Actress
Marian Chanter TV
Tracy Chapman Singer, Musician
Greg Chappell Australian cricket legend
Lisa Chappell Actress
Chevy Chase Actor,Comedian
Johnny Cheah Actor
  Cher Actress, Singer
Margaret Cho Actress, producer, writer, comedienne, vegan, BD 12/5/1968
Claudia Christian "Babylon 5"
Julie Christie Narrator of "Animals"
Gary Clail Musician
Joan Beth Clair Unitarian minister
Stephen Clark, PhD Author, philosophical historian
Margi Clarke Making Out with Margi -- Margi's Christmas VegSocUK
John Cleese Actor, Comedian
Jay Clifford Actor
Chelsea Clinton Daughter of the former President
Jessica Cody Vocalist for Brunswick Spirit
Frank Cohen Actor
Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and musician
Robert Cohen Writer, Anti-dairy advocate, Completed 200 day hunger strike,
Paula Cole actress, composer
Jacqueline Collen Actress
Phil Collen Def Leppard, vegan
Kelly Collins Actress, director, writer, editor, producer
Marco Columbro Actor
  Common Actor, composer
Sean Conant Actor, writer
Billy Connolly Actor
Toy Connor Actress
Rachael Leigh Cook actress. producer
Christina Cooks Chef PBS
Phil Cool Comedian, UK
Julian Cope British singer/songwriter
Bo Corre Eldorado
Elvis Costello Singer, Musician
Gabriel Cousens, MD Author, Founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, "Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet", "Sevenfold Peace, Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing" and "Depression-Free for Life," raw food advocate.
Norman Cousins Writer
Sarah Cracknell St Etienne
Beverley Craven Singer, Musician
Earth Crisis Hardcore Band, vegan
James Cromwell Actor, Star of 'Babe', 'Star Trek', and 'L.A. Confidential', Vegan
Sara Crowe Actress
Penélope Cruz Actress
Peter Cunnah Ream
Rivers Cuomo Actor, composer
Peter Cushing Actor
Leonardo da Vinci Artist
Willem Dafoe Actor, producer
Dick Dale King of surf
Cynthia Daniel Actress
John Dankworth Singer, Musician
Ted Danson Sam in Cheers
Charles Darwin Naturalist
Dr. Dasu Pathologist
Alan Davies Actor, writer
Dave Davies Kinks
Patti Davis Daughter of former President Ronald Reagan
Doris Day Actress, producer
Lorraine Day, MD Author, speaker
Alphonse de Lamartine Writer
Danny De Vito Actor, comedian, director, writer, producer
Carol Decker Singer, Musician
Danica DeCosto Actress, director, vegan
Ellen Degeneres Actress, writer, producer, comedienne
Guillermo del Toro Actor, director, writer, producer
Cathy Dennis M, VegSocUK
John Denver Singer, Musician
Bo Derek Actress, producer
Moraji Desai Former Prime Minister of India
  Des'ree British pop singer)
Blanche Devereaux Actress
Roxy DiCamillo Actress
Andy Dick Actor, director, writer, vegan, raw foodist.
Amanda Dickinson Actress
  Diogenes Writer
Madhuri Dixit Indian Actress
Jenny Donnison Actress
  Donovan Singer, Musician
Lord Dowding Chief air marshal
  Dre (Andre Benjamin) from the hiphop group Outkast, vegan.
Corinne Drewery Swing Out Sister
Julie Dreyfus Actor
Betty Driver Actress
David Duchovny Actor, director, writer, star of the X-Files
Esther Dukes Activist Attorneys
Dave Dutton Actor
Ariel Durant Writer
Will Durant Writer
Bob Dylan Singer, actor, composer, director, writer


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