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Famous Vegetarians M - R

A unique project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

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The vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, and very popular. This list is a sign of that. We found these names on the internet from a variety of sources, such as articles, biographies, and interviews (We have not verified them all), as well as in print media, TV, and radio. Please feel free to contact us for additions or corrections. Please also feel free to pass on web addresses of home pages for those listed below.


Willy M London Beat
Cal Macaninch The Advocates
John Mackey CEO, Whole Foods Market Inc
Gavin MacLeod Murray on Mary Tyler Moore
Patrick MacNee Actor
Maurice Maeterlinck Writer
  Magpie Singer, Musician
Tobey Maguire Actor
Bill Maher Actor, writer, producer
Wendie Malick Actress, Just Shoot Me, BD 12/13/1950
Vanessa Marcil Actress
Erik Marcus Vegan author, "Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating” inventor of the "VeggieCard"
James Marcus Writer
Cheryl Marek Cross country cyclist
Julianna Marguiles Actress
  Marilyn Singer, Musician
Bob Marley Singer, actor, composer
Johnny Marr Singer, Musician
Jean Marsh Star of Upstairs Downstairs
Charlotte Martin Susan Carter in The Archers
Chris Martin Musician, lead singer for Coldplay, vegan, spouse of Gwyneth Paltrow.
Ricky Martin Singer, actor, composer
Dalya Massachi Writer
Samantha Mathis Actress
Ray May Of Denver Broncos
Bill Maynard Actor
James McCartney Son of Linda and Paul
Linda McCartney Singer, Musician, Photographer
Paul McCartney Singer, Musician
Stella McCartney Fashion designe
Rue McClanahan Actor - Golden Girls, Meatout cosponsor
Johanna McCloy Actress, Vegetarian activist.
Paul McGann 8th Doctor of Doctor Who, vegan
Glenda McKay Emmerdale
Ian McKellen Actor, writer, producer
Virginia McKenna Actress
Sarah McLachlan Singer/songwriter
Don McLean Singer/songwriter
Amanda Mealing Actress
  Meatloaf Singer, musician, actor, writer
  Melanie Singer
Xuxa Meneghel Actress
Yehudi Menuhin Violinist
Natalie Merchant Singer
Virginia Messina, RD Author, books about soyfoods and nutrition, "The Magic Soybean", “The Simple Soybean and Your Health”
Eustace Miles Former tennis champion
Larry L Miller Writer
Spike Milligan Actor
Hayley Mills Actor
Louise Milwood Haigh Jodie in The Lodge
Dannii Minogue VegSocUK
Kamali Minter Actress
Carmen Miranda Actress
  Moby Musician, actor, composer, director, vegan
Darren Moore Actor
Frances Moore Lappe Author of Diet For A Small Planet
Mary Tyler Moore Actress, director, producer
Victoria Moran Writer
Alanis Morissette Actress, composer BD 6/1/1974
  Morrissey Singer, (The Smiths)
Steve Morse Guitar Player of the Dixie Dregs, the Steve Morse Band and Deep Purple,
Edwin Moses Olympic hurdler
Malcolm Muggeridge Writer
Larry Mullen Jr. Drummer for U2
Jessica Muschamp Actress/Writer
  Mutabaruka Singer, Musician
Mikey Myers Director
Ralph Nader Consumer advocate, 2000 Presidential Candidate for the Greens/Green Party USA
Kathy Najimy Actress
Bif Naked Actress
Dave Navarro Guitar player with Red Hot Chili Peppers, formerly of Janes Addiction, vegan
Martina Navratilova Tennis star
Kevin Nealon Actor,Comedian 11/18
Marr Nealon Actress, vegan
Helen Nearing Writer
Scott Nearing Writer
Jawaharlal Nehru First Prime Minister
Dr. Neiman Who collects veg. cookbooks for his patients
Theresa Neumann Catholic stigmatist
Paul Newman Actor, Sp: Joanne Woodward
Sir Isaac Newton Some lapses
Olivia Newton John Singer, Musician
Stevie Nicks Singer, Musician
  Nico Actress, composer
Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher and writer
Vaslav Nijinsky Dancer and choreographer
Stephen North Actor
Chris Novoselic Nirvana
Conor Oberst Singer, songwriter, Bright Eyes, vegan, BD 2/15/1981
Simon O'Brien Actor
  Octapussy Actress
Hazel O'Connor Actress
Sinead O'Connor Singer, Vegan
Maureen O'Farrell Actress
Shaunna O'Grady Bev in Neighbours
Kate O'Mara Actress
Jason Orange Singer, "Take That"
Dean Ornish, M.D Cardiologist and author
Michael Orock Magician, (clown) and his wife
Ozzy Osborne Singer, Musician
  Ovid Latin Poet, 43 BC - 18 AD
Mark Owen Singer, "Take That"
Catherine Oxenberg Actress
Joseph W. A. Pace Canadian author and researcher “Changing the World One Bite at a Time”
Gwyneth Paltrow Actress, spouse of Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Anna Paquin Actress
Anne Parillaud Actress
Dr. Owen Parrett Writer, “Diseases of Animal Flesh”
Charles Patterson Animal rights author “Animal Rights,” "Eternal Treblinka"
Alexandra Paul Actress, Baywatch, Melrose Place. - Celebrities for Health Interview
Ru Paul Actor
Guy Pearce Actor
Bill Pearl Mr. Universe and bodybuilder
  Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, and Jack Irons are vegetarian.
Doris Pearson Five Star
John Peel VegSocUK
Anthony Perkins Actor
Polly Perkins Trish in Eldorado
Rhea Perlman Actress
Linda Perry 4 Non Blondes
Steve Perry Lead singer Journey
Mandy Perryment Actress
Jim Peters Cinematographer
Cassandra Peterson Actress, writer, producer, 'Elvira'
Lori Petty Actress, director, writer, producer
Tom Petty Singer, Musician
Joaquin Phoenix The movie star, 24 year old vegan for 21 years, is doing a veggie spot for PETA, vegan
Rain Phoenix Actress, musician, vegan
River Phoenix Actor, vegan
Summer Phoenix actress
Fr. Ron Pickarsky Who has developed soyburgers for international chains
Dan Piraro Internationally syndicated award-winning cartoonist, author, and stand-up comic. Author of Bizarro. vegan
Brad Pitt Actor
  Plato Promoted vegetarian diet in The Republic
Martha Plimpton Actress
  Plutarch Writer
Tracey Pollen Family Ties
Alexander Pope Actor
  Porphyry Writer
Natalie Portman Actress, Has been a strict vegetarian since the age of 8.
Monica Potter actress
Pamela Power Bread, UK TV
Lisa Marie Presley Singer, songwriter. Mentioned on ET 3/28/05 being organic vegan. Birtday 2/1/68
  Prince Singer, songwriter, musician
Richard Pryor Actor, writer, producer, comic, activist. BD 12/1/40
  Pythagoras Greek philosopher and mathematition, 6th cent. BC
Linnea Quigley Actress, producer
Jackie Quinn Singer, Musician
Tom Raber Writer
Leonard Rack Psychiatrist, who lived ascetically, serviced the poor of 4 hospitals and funded many charities
  Raffi Singer
Phylicia Rashad Actress
Amy Ray Indigo Girls'
  Rebel MC Singer, Musician
Jacqueline Reddin Actress
Pat Reeves Vegan power lifter has won British masters for 8 years
Joe Regalbuto Frank Fontana on Murphy Brown Source: Vegetarian Times
Linda Regan Actress
Prof. Tom Regan, PhD Animal rights activist, author, “The Case for Animal Rights”, "The Struggle for Animal Rights," "The Yes Generation”
Eric Richard The Bill, UK TV
Little Richard Singer, Musician
Susan Richardson Of Eight Is Enough
Linus Roache Actor, has appeared in West End, London
John Robbins Author: Diet for a New America May all be Fed, Diet For A New World, Reclaiming Our Health. Recipient of the 1994 Rachel Carson Award. Founder of EarthSave Int'l
Smokey Robinson Singer, Musician
Marisa Robles Singer, Musician
Rikki Rockett Drummer for Poison, Vegan,, Interview:
  Rodin Artist
Dennis Rodman Athlete
Fred Rogers Actor, composer, producer, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and former Presbyterian minister
Abigail Rokison Darling Buds Of May)
Romain Rolland Writer
Henry Rollins Singer, writer, actor, publisher
Stephen B. Ronan Author, International Directory of Humane and Sustainable Agriculture
Joanne Rose Actress, vegan, Joanne Rose Online Portfolio. Celebrities for Health interview
Murray Rose Olympic swimmer
David Rosen Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland,
Charlotte Ross Actress, NYPD Blue, BD 1/21/1968
Carol Royle Actress
Rick Rubin Actor, director, writer
Campy Russell Of the Cleveland Cavaliers


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