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A unique project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

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The vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, and very popular. This list is a sign of that. We found these names on the internet from a variety of sources, such as articles, biographies, and interviews (We have not verified them all), as well as in print media, TV, and radio. Please feel free to contact us for additions or corrections. Please also feel free to pass on web addresses of home pages for those listed below.


  Earth Crisis Vegan Straightedge hardcore band
Barbara Edwards BBC TV first woman weather forecaster
Samantha Eggar Actress
Albert Einstein Theoretical Physicist
Michael Eisner CEO, Walt Disney Co
Christine Elise Emily Valentine on B.H. 90210, Harper Tracy on ER
Joe Elliot Vocalist for Def Leppard, actor, composer,
  Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)
Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer
Will Estes Actor
Emilio Estevez Actor
Melissa Etheridge Singer, actress, composer
Kevin Eubanks Actor, composer
Chris Evert Actress
Dr. Fanibunda Of Bombay, awarded by Intl Brotherhood of Magicians for new magic technique
Corey Feldman Actor, producer, director, composer, BD 7/16/1971
Marty Feldman Actor
Barbara Feldon Of Get Smart
Julie Felix Singer, Musician
Pamelyn Ferden Actress, vegan, BD 2/4/1959
Rachelle Ferrell Jazz singer, vegan
Pam Ferris Actress, VegSocUK
Frances Fisher Actress, "Titanic", BD 5/11/1952
Jerome Flynn Soldier, Soldier
Bill Ford CEO, Ford Motor Co.
Philippa Forrester Children's TV VegSocUK
Michael J. Fox Actor
Peter Frame Music historian-rock
Gary Francione Activist Attorney, author, founder: Rutgers University Animal Rights Law Clinic
Benjamin Franklin For most of his life before Paris, including that time in which he charted the Gulf Stream and discovered electricity
Michael Franks Jazz singer
  Frenzal Rhomb Australian band. Three vegetarians and one vegan! Interview with Lindsay:
Bruce Friedrich People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, director of vegan outreach
Justine Frischman Lead singer of Elastica Source: Seventeen magazine
Sadie Frost Actress, producer
  Fugazi Musician
Fiona Fullerton Actress
Edward Furlong Actor
Peter Gabriel Singer, Musician
Roger Galvin Activist Attorneys
Dr. Gandee Owner of Natural Innovations
Maneka Gandhi Daughter in law of Indira Gandhi,
Mohandas Gandhi Indian Nationalist Leader
Gordon Gano Actor
John Gardiner Mime and spiritual storyteller (
Janeane Garofalo Actress, producer
Jennie Garth Actress, director , producer, "Kelly Taylor" on Beverly Hills, 90210, vegan
David Gedge Wedding Present
Uri Geller World famous psychic, vegan for 28 years now
Boy George Singer
Richard Gere Actor
Mel Gibson Actor
Dudley Giehl Writer
Sara Gilbert Actress, director, writer, vegan
Dizzie Gillespie Musician
Indigo Girls Singer, Musician
Sheila Gish Actress
Gary Glitter Singer, Musician
Kevin Godley Singer, Musician
Bernie Goetz New York City mayoral candidate, New York City "Subway Vigilante."
Whoopie Goldberg Actor
Oliver Goldsmith Writer
Bobcat Goldthwait Actor, Comedian
Mayor Goode Former Mayor of Philadelphia
Linda Goodman Who sold 60 million books on the Star of Bethlehem and other topics
Martin Gore Depeche Mode
Janeane Garofalo Actress, producer
Goose Gossage Of the S,D.Padres
Doug Graham Author of "Nutrition and Athletic Performance"," Grain Damage," and "The Perpetual Health Calendar," raw food advocate.
Deborah Grant Actress
Eddie Grant M, VegSocUK
Estelle Gray Cross country cyclist
Jane Grayson Actress
Jill Greenacre Actress
Patricia Greenberg Author “The Whole Soy Cookbook”, nutritionist, owner/operator “The Fitness Gourmet"
Dick Gregory Who ran across the United States on a fruitarian diet
Merv Griffin Actor, Producer
Bob Gunter Screenwriter, Sandlot, vegan
Nina Hagen Singer, songwriter, actress
Larry Hagman Actor
Kirk Hammet Guitarist with metallica
Daryl Hannah Actor
Valerie Hardin Goth poet, artist, children's e-book writer, nonfiction writer, and Gothic fiction.
Vijay Hariharan Drummer for Puritan, vegan
Shalom Harlow actress
Woody Harrelson Actor ,Vegan, website: VoiceYourself 
Dr.William Harris, MD Physician, author, "The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism"
George Harrison Singer, Musician
Josh Hartnett Actor
Polly Jean Harvey Rid of Me; To Bring You My Love
Julianna Hatfield Musician
Richie Havens Actor
Connie Hawkins Sports
Kirsty Hawkshaw Opus III
Nigel Hawthorne Actor, producer, VegSocUK
Holly Hazard Activist Attorneys
Tippi Hedren Actress, producer
Ruth Heidrich, PhD Vegan. Ironman triathlete, marathoner, winner of more than 700 first place trophies in racing. Named "One of the Top Ten Fittest Women of 1999" by Living Fit Magazine, "Athlete With The Veg Edge" by Vegetarian Times. Author of "A Race For Life" and " The Race For Life Cookbook."
Henry Heimlich M.D. Heimlich maneuver
Mariel Hemmingway Played in the t.v. series "Civil wars", vegan
Marilu Henner Actress, producer, author. Elaine on "Taxi". Celebrities for Health interview.
Doug Henning Magician
  Herodotus Writer
  Hesiod Writer
Sherrie Hewson Maureen in Coronation Street
Tony Hicks Hollies
Simon Hickson Live & Kicking
Dustin Hoffman Actor
Susannah Hoffs Bangles
Anthony Hopkins Actor
Babs Hopkinson Actress
Penny Horner Actress
Sean Hughes Irish comic, VegSocUK
Hennie Huisman Holland's most popular showmaster
Chrissie Hynde Singer, Musician, with The Pretenders. Interview:
Billy Idol Singer, Musician, Actor
Jack Irons Pearl Jam
Eddie Jackson Bassist for Queensryche
Joe Jackson Singer, Musician
Jonathan Jackson Actor, director, writer
LaToya Jackson Singer
Rep. Andrew Jacobs Of Indianapolis
Mick Jaggar Singer
Reina James Actress
Wendy James Transvision Vamp
Louise Jameson Actress
Chris Jarecki Musician, S.T.U.N. lead singer, boyfriend of Alicia Silverstone, Vegan
  Jesus of Nazareth See: Home of the Essene Teachings: Fascinating text of Jesus speaking of vegetarianism. See the sections on “Jesus on the Eating of Animals”,
Steven Jobs Computer wiz, founded Apple computers
Daniel Johns Singer/guitarist of Silverchair, Vegan. Interview:
Greg Johnson Of Australia, runner
Kathy Johnson Olympic gymnast
Captain Alan Jones Who did 17,003 consecutive pushups
Gareth Jones Children's TV
Howard Jones British singer/songwriter
Orlando Jones Actor, writer, producer
Diane Louise Jordan Former presenter BBC tv's 'Blue Peter', now Producing own programmes for the BBC
Ashley Judd Actress
Penny Junor Journalist, UK
Jeannine Kadow Author, Burnout, Blue Justice
Franz Kafka Writer
Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD Author, various books about Judaism and animal rights, “Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb”, “Haggadah for the Jewish Vegetarian Family",
Kimmi Kappenberg Actress
Casey Kasem D.J.
Jean Kasem Actress, and wife of Casey
Dr. Marvin Katz Fruitarian, fired from a NE Ohio University with 5 of his peers for taking a stand against the war in Vietnam
Andy Kaufman Actor, writer
Martin Kaufman Author, “Dust to Dust"
Kenneth Kaunda Former President of Zambia
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Inventor of Kellogg Cereals (originally made only with whole grain and fruit sugars such as corn syrup)
Diane Kemp Gardeners World, Britain
Gary Kemp Spandau Ballet
Martin Kemp Spandau Ballet
Cheryl Kennedy Actress
Robert Kennedy Jr. Lawyer, Publisher
Nik Kershaw Singer, Musician
Hollind Kevo Morningside Co-President
Anthony Kiedis Red Hot Chili Peppers
Billie Jean King Tennis champion
Nastassja Kinski actress
Dr. Michael Klaper Vegan Author
Gladys Knight Singer, Musician
Killer Kowalski Wrestling star
  Kraftwerk Musician
Lenny Kravitz Singer, composer, actor
Judy Krizmanic Author, “A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian”, former editor: Vegetarian Times
  KRS-One Rapper
Dennis J. Kucinich Congressman from Ohio
Richard Joseph Lafond Jr. Actor
R D Laing Psychiatrist (and his wife Peggy Mason)
Ricki Lake Talkshow host and acctress) Source: Mr Showbizz WWW-pages
Gov. Lamm Former Gov. of Colorado
Tina Landini VegSocUK
K D Lang Singer, composer, actress
Tony LaRussa Oakland A's Manager
Jude Law Actor, directo
Rita Laws, PhD Author, Native American,
Lindy Lawton Actress
Yasmin Le Bon Actress
Cloris Leachman Actor
Jon Lee (II) Actor, composer
Pitcher Lee Of the Boston Red Sox
Jarrett Lennon Young actor, in "Social Studies", UPN; formerly on "Cheers" as "Ludlow" etc) (vegan
Julian Lennon Singer, Musician
Annie Lennox Singer, Eurythmics/solo
Phil Lesh Bassist for the Grateful Dead, BD 3/15/40
Marv Levy Olympic runner and long-jumper
Carl Lewis Olympic Champion, vegan (only when training)
Dr. Jonathan Lief Psychiatrist, of Boston who vegetarianized the cafeteria at a Boston hospital, Lemmuel Shattuck Hospital
Jennie Linden Actress
Rachel Lindsay Sammy in Brookside
Andrew Linzey Professor - Oxford University
Sabrina Lloyd actress
Lisa Loeb Singer, actress, composer
Lene Lovich Singer, Musician
Joanna Lumley Actress, producer, VegSocUK
Howard Lyman Vegan, Author of “Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat”, President of EarthSave Int'l, past President of the Int'l Vegetarian Union. Co-Defendant in Veggie-Libel case with Oprah Winfrey.
Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad Singer for Abba
Melanie Lynskey Actress


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