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A unique project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet.

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The vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, and very popular. This list is a sign of that. We found these names on the internet from a variety of sources, such as articles, biographies, and interviews (We have not verified them all), as well as in print media, TV, and radio. Please feel free to contact us for additions or corrections. Please also feel free to pass on web addresses of home pages for those listed below.


Henry Salt Writer
Samuel Sandweiss Psychiatrist, of San Diego
Steve Sapontzis, PhD Author, animal rights Philosopher, Founded the Hayward Friends of Animals Humane Society
Lorna Sass, PhD Author, culinary historian, "Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure", "Recipes for an Ecological Kitchen," Lorna Sass's Complete Vegetarian Kitchen
Doug Savor Singer for Puritan)
André Schneider Aactor, writer
Fred Schneider B-52's
Tom Scholz Mastermind behind the rock-n-roll band Boston, vegan
Arnold Schulman Screenwriter
Dr. Richard Schwartz Jewish vegetarian activist
Dr Albert Schweizer German musician, philosopher, theologian, physician and missionary
Dave Scott 6 time Iron man triatholon winner
Dave Scott Bassist w/ Reach, vegan
Steven Seagal Actor, director, writer, producer
Jenny Seagrove Actress
  Seal Singer, Musician
Jerry Seinfeld Comedian, actor, writer, producer
Peter Sellers Actor
  Seneca Writer
Captain Sensible Singer, Musician
Rick Sessions Sports
William Shakespeare Some lapses
  Shamen, The Singer, Musician
William Shatner Actor (narrator of the film Vegetarian World)
George Bernard Shaw Writer
Martin Shaw Actor
Sandi Shaw Singer, Musician
Ally Sheedy Actor
Mary Shelley Author of Frankenstein
Percy Bysshe Shelley Writer
  Shelter Krsna-core band
Dr. Herbert Shelton Writer
Brooke Shields Actress
Cathy Shipton Casualty
John Shirkey Methodist minister
Alicia Silverstone Actress, producer, "Batman & Robin", "Clueless", "Miss Match", Vegan. BD:10/4, image [Celebrities for Health: Alicia definitely has a clue!]
Russell Simmons Producer, director, actor, composer, vegan, BD 10/4/1957
John Simpson TV journalist
Lisa Simpson Cartoon character
John Gordon Sinclair Actor
Isaac Bashevis Singer Author, Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature
Peter Singer Author, “Animal Liberation”, “Ethics into Action” and numerous other books
  Sinitta Singer, Musician
Siouxsie Sioux Singer, Musician
Marina Sirtis Star Trek
Glenn Skolnick Former Steeler and NY Giant
Grace Slick Singer with Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Stars
Heather Small M-people, vegan
Robert Smith The Cure
Scott S. Smith Author, books about Christian vegetarianism
Jimmy Somerville Singer, Musician
Debbie Spaet Herring Georgia State power lifter
Britney Spears Singer, Actress, Composer, Producer
Rob Spendlove Actor
Sy Sperling President of the Hair Club for Men
George Spitz Marathon runner
Dr. Benjamin Spock Writer
Keni St George Singer, Musician
Susan St. James Actor
Terence Stamp Actor, VegSocUK
Valerie Stanley Activist Attorney
Ringo Starr Musician & Spouse – Barbara Bach
Imelda Staunton Actress
Gloria Steinem Actress, producer, writer, BD 3/25/1934
Julia Stiles Actress
Michael Stipe Actor, composer, producer, REM
Eric Stoltz Actor ,director, producer
Lynda Stoner Actress, Animal rights activist, Australia.Vegan! Interview:
Michaela Strachan VegSocUK
Dirk Summers Actor, director, producer
Vic Sussman Writer
Hillary Swank Actress
Gloria Swanson Actress
Loretta Swit Actress, M*A*S*H, BD 11/4/1937
Geoff Tate Vocalist for Queensryche, vegan
James Taylor Singer, Musician
John Tesh Singer, Musician
  The Smiths Singer, Musician
David Thewlis Actor
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen Actress, producer
Anna Thomas Director, writer, editor, producer, author "The Vegetarian Epicure"
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Actor, Randy on Home Improvement
Marlo Thomas Actor
Richard Thompson Singer/songwriter
Henry David Thoreau Writer
Courtney Thorne Smith Actress
Niels'polleke' Tijssen (the dutch epuivalent of Corky (the mentally challenged actor)) (vegan
Tanita Tikaram Singer, Musician
Leo Tolstoy Writer
Dave Lee Travis Actor
Fini Tribe Singer, Musician
Peter Tork Actor, composer, director, writer, producer
Anthea Turner VegSocUK
Wendy Turner Vegan – Absolutely Animals, Pet Rescue
Rita Tushingham Actress
Mpfo Tutu Daughter of Bishop Tutu
Mark Twain Writer
Shania Twain Singer, musician, actress
Liv Tyler Actress
Mary Tyler Moore actress, director, producer
Cicely Tyson Actor
Dr. Joan Ullyot Sports medicine MD in San Francisco, recommends vegetarian diet
Carrie Underwood Singer, 2005 American Idol winner, vegan
Jean Ure Children's author
Steve Vai Guitarist, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Frank Zappa
Amber Valletta Actress
Noach Valley Rabbi
Vincent Van Gogh Artist
Matthew Vaughan Emmerdale
Vince Vaughn Actor, producer
Eddie Vedder Actor, composer, Pearl Jam
Suzanne Vega Singer
Tim Vincent Children's Ward
Ambrogio Vittadini Writer
  Voltaire Writer
Kristina Wagner Felicia on General Hospital, Source: Health Magazine
Lindsay Wagner Actress, Vegan
Clint Walker Actor
Irving Wallace Writer
David Wallechinsky Son of Irving Wallace
Barbara Walters Actress, producer, news anchor, talk-show host
Bill Walton Basketball star formerly with the Portland Trailblazers
Maitland Ward The Bold & The Beautiful, US soap
Sophie Ward Actress, Vegan
Vanessa Warwick MTV VJ, VegSocUK
Sarah Washington Singer, Musician
Tom Watt Actor
Charlie Watts Stones
Dennis Weaver Actor, composer, director, producer
Jane Weidlin Ex Go-Go's
Johnny Weissmuller He broke 6 world swimming records as a vegetarian
Tico Wells Actor
Vanna White Actress
Ruth Whitehead Emmerdale Farm
Alan Wilder Depeche Mode
Dar Williams Folk singer/songwriter who co-authored The Tofu Tollbooth, a guide to finding veg-friendly cuisine on the road.
Spice Williams Singer, actress, vegan
Trevor Williams British, Going Live
Vanessa Williams Singer, actress
Wendy O Williams Actress, Singer
Josh Wink Famous DJ
Reese Witherspoon Actress
David Wolfe Author "Eating For Beauty" and "The Sunfood Diet Success System," raw food advocate.
  Womack & Womack Singer, Musician
Stevie Wonder Singer, Musician
Victoria Wood British comedian, VegSocUK
Joanne Woodward Sp: Paul Newman
William Woollard British actor
William Wordsworth Poet
Emma Wray Actress
Gretchen Wyler Broadway and Television Actress
"Weird" Al Yankovic Singer, actor, composer, director, writer, producer , Vegan
Amy Yasbeck Actress, BD 9/12/1963
  Yazz Singer, Musician, Vegan
Thom Yorke Actor, composer
Pandeva Zagar Writer
Ahmet Zappa Singer, Musician
Diva Zappa Singer, Musician
Dweezil Zappa Singer, Musician
Moon Zappa Singer, Musician
Benjamin Zephaniah Singer, Musician, vegan
Ephrem Zimbalist Actor
Stephanie Zimbalist Actress, writer
Ethan Zohn Actor


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